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Male Breast Reduction Surgery
Louisville, KY

Quick Facts

  • Procedure: Outpatient
  • Anesthesia: General
  • Duration of Procedure: About two hours
  • Initial Recovery Phase: About five days
  • Results: Apparent immediately, but continue to improve for several months

Are you tired of having “man boobs”? Are enlarged, unattractive breasts making you too embarrassed for intimacy? Do you wish you could take off your shirt in hot weather without feeling self-conscious? You’re not alone. Many men have a condition known as “gynecomastia,” which causes enlarged or overdeveloped breasts. If this describes you, Dr. Sean Maguire provides male breast reduction surgery for male patients who wish to have a more defined, masculine-looking chest.

What Will Male Breast Reduction Correct?

Male breast reduction surgery corrects gynecomastia, a condition that creates overdeveloped breast tissue in men. This condition gives men enlarged, sometimes sagging breasts as a result of hormone imbalance, obesity or the use of certain medications. Men with this issue often are embarrassed by having a more feminine-looking chest that cannot be reduced through exercise and diet. Male breast reduction surgery enhances a man’s self-confidence by making his chest flatter and more toned-looking.

Is Male Breast Reduction Surgery Right for Me?

Typically, a good candidate for male breast reduction surgery:

  • Is in good health
  • Is embarrassed by overdeveloped, woman-like breasts
  • Is experiencing physical discomfort due to enlarged breasts
  • Has not been able to correct the issue through diet and exercise
  • Is at a stable, healthy weight for his build
  • Has good skin elasticity

What Happens During Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

The male breast reduction procedure involves the removal of excess fat, tissue and skin with either a scalpel or liposuction, or both. When using liposuction, the doctor will make several small incisions around either the edge of the areola (the dark skin around the nipple), the natural crease of the chest or the armpit. A thin, hollow tube called a cannula will then be inserted and it will remove excess fat through vacuum suction. In some cases, the breast gland will need to be removed. The doctor will accomplish this by making a small incision on the border of the areola in order to access and remove the gland. The doctor will close all incisions with sutures.

What is the Recovery Period Like?

The patient will experience some swelling and bruising in the chest after surgery. This will subside after two to three weeks. Doctor-prescribed pain medication can be used during recovery to alleviate any discomfort. For the first week or two following surgery, a compression garment will need to be worn in order to help with the swelling and allow the incisions to heal. The patient will return to the doctor approximately one week after surgery in order to have sutures removed. After one week, the patient can typically return to work. For jobs that require more physical activity, this time is extended to two weeks. Moderate exercise (not including chest and back) can also be resumed after two weeks. Weight-bearing exercises and any exercise involving the chest and/or back can be resumed four to six weeks post-surgery. Sun exposure (as well as tanning beds) should be avoided for the first six weeks after surgery. After this time, the patient should use a sunblock with an SPF of 30 or higher on the chest in order to avoid discoloration of scars when in the sun or the tanning bed.

Achieve a More Masculine Chest Contour

Why continue hiding? Through male breast reduction surgery, Dr. Maguire can help you get a chest you are no longer embarrassed to show. Schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Maguire to learn more about male breast reduction when you call Physician’s Center for Beauty.

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