Necklift Surgery
Louisville, KY

Quick Facts

  • Procedure: Outpatient
  • Anesthesia: General or local anesthesia with sedation
  • Duration of Procedure: About 90 minutes
  • Initial Recovery Phase: About one week
  • Results: Apparent immediately, but continue to improve as post-op symptoms subside

Neck Lift Surgery in Louisville, KYDo you feel as though unsightly neck contours are making you look older than you feel or are simply detracting from your overall beauty? If so, consider undergoing cosmetic neck lift surgery with Dr. Sean Maguire, which can provide patients with a smoother, more youthful-looking neck.

When Is It Time to Consider Having Neck Surgery?

Common aesthetic concerns or visible signs of aging that affect the neck region include sagging skin and displaced fat underneath the chin or throughout the neck area as well as horizontal neck bands that make the neck look segmented. Individuals suffering from these aesthetic concerns should consider having cosmetic neck lift surgery.

With neck lift surgery, Dr. Maguire eliminates extra skin that hangs off the neck, excess fat and / or undesirable neck bands that extend across the neck. He can also perform the procedure to remove drooping skin from the underside of the chin, which some people colloquially refer to as a “turkey wattle.”

Is Neck Lift Surgery Right for Me?

In general, suitable neck lift candidates include those who:

  • Are concerned with excess skin and fat that hangs off the neck or the underside of the chin
  • Are perhaps frustrated with horizontal neck bands
  • Are in sound emotional and physical health
  • Are not currently pregnant
  • Have decided to have neck lift surgery of their own accord
  • Have realistic expectations for what neck lift surgery can accomplish
  • Understand both the advantages and potential disadvantages of the procedure

What Are the Different Neck Lift Techniques?

Dr. Maguire performs the two main approaches to neck lift surgery: cervicoplasty and platysmaplasty. Cervicoplasty is designed to remove excess skin from the neck or underside of the chin, for a smoother neck profile. Platysmaplasty is performed to repair or eliminate neck musculature to improve the appearance of horizontal neck bands. For patients with extensive signs of aging throughout the neck area, Dr. Maguire may recommend both approaches.

How Is Neck Lift Surgery Performed?

To start the procedure, Dr. Maguire makes an incision in the treatment area. The pattern, length and placement of the incisions vary by patient, depending on the person’s surgical goals and anatomical needs. For example, Dr. Maguire places the incisions used for platysmaplasty behind the ears and under the chin, so he can access the neck musculature. The Louisville plastic surgeon might utilize an alternative incision pattern when performing cervicoplasty.

Once Dr. Maguire has made the incisions, he excises the extra skin and adjusts the musculature and other tissues of the neck, as needed. This may involve placing permanent internal stitches in the treatment area to tighten the underlying tissue structures and hold them in place after surgery.

Once the surgeon is satisfied with the new, smoother neck contour, he uses sutures to close the incisions and dresses the neck area with bandages.

Which Procedures Complement Neck Lift Surgery?

The dual-trained plastic and head and neck surgeon may recommend that certain patients undergo an adjunct procedure at the same time as neck lift surgery. For instance, Dr. Maguire may suggest including liposuction in the neck lift procedure to optimize the slimming effects of surgery. He might recommend that some patients undergo facelift surgery, for a more comprehensive rejuvenating effect. Or, Dr. Maguire may recommend that patients with horizontal neck bands undergo BOTOX treatment to help relax the muscles that are causing the look of the bands.

Find Out Whether You Can Benefit From Neck Lift Surgery

Louisville, KY Neck Lift ResultsTo schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Maguire to find out whether you can benefit from cosmetic neck lift surgery, contact Physician’s Center for Beauty.

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