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The Beautiful Face

top_10_badge-150x150Although the ideal of beauty has changed over time, and there may be cultural differences, some aesthetic constants remain unchanged. In general, an attractive and youthful face resembles an upside down triangle or inverted pyramid; with maximal volume in the upper part of the face, full temples and prominent cheekbones narrowing in the mid-face and tapering down with the chin at the bottom of the inverted triangle. Large, wide eyes, full lips and a well-defined jawline are also hallmarks of an attractive, youthful face.

Liquid facelift injections Louisville, KY

The Aging Process

Volume Loss – One hallmark of youth is fullness or volume in the upper part of the face, particularly in the temple area and cheeks. We usually think of fat as bad and thin as good. In the face, however, a healthy plumpness is preferred over an overly thin, gaunt appearance. Over time a loss of volume in the temples, under-eye area, cheek and sub-cheek region can give one a tired and worn-out look.

Volume Shifting – As our faces age, not only do we lose volume but what volume we have has shifted or settled with gravity. Instead of the aesthetic ideal of an inverted triangle, we end up with a face that resembles an elongated rectangle. Volume from the upper part of the face and cheeks falls with time, creating jowls and also accentuating the smile lines (nasolabial folds). This results in a drawn, gaunt and tired appearance. Volume originally in the cheek and mid-face area falls, settling and the jawline and creating “jowls”.

Wrinkles – Wrinkles are folds in the skin that vary from fine lines to moderate and more severe creases on the face. Nutrition, environmental factors such as smoking, and genetics all play a role in the loss of collagen and the thinning of the skin’s dermis layer. This leads to a loss of elasticity and the formation of creases in the skin.

Skin Laxity – As we all know, one of the hallmarks of aging includes looseness or laxity of skin, particularly in the lower face and neck. Those factors contributing to the formation of wrinkles, as well as a loss of soft tissue volume (think of a deflated balloon) produce this looseness of skin.

The Solution is Volume

Recent advances in injectable fillers have allowed plastic surgeons to replace facial volume that has been lost or has shifted with time. Beyond just filling in lines and creases, actual volumizing can be performed to restore fullness and the youthful proportions of the face.

The Liquid Facelift®

Volume replacement with a variety of injectable fillers, both temporary and long-lasting, can restore the face back to its ideal shape. Aiming to restore the “upside-down triangle” proportions seen in youth, volume replacement of the temples, cheeks, midface, lip area and jawline. As these areas are filled out, the skin is literally lifted and tightened, resulting in a “liquid facelift” with a natural look and without the excessively tightened appearance that some facelifts can create.

Dr. Maguire is an expert at tailoring the use of injectable fillers to perform what he calls a “liquid facelift”, producing results that look natural and not overly “pulled”.

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