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Facial Implants
Louisville, KY

Quick Facts

  • What It Is: Balances your facial features by increasing the prominence, projection, and definition of the cheekbones, jaw, or chin
  • Reasons Why: Strengthen a weak jaw, enhance a recessed chin, or elevate undefined cheekbones
  • Procedure: Outpatient
  • Anesthesia: General
  • Duration of Procedure: 1-3 hours
  • Initial Recovery Phase: 1-2 weeks
  • Results: Immediate results that improve with healing

Chin implants in Louisville Men and women often struggle with the proportions of their faces. A weak jaw or recessed chin can throw off the balance of your facial features and affect your side profile. Gaunt or full cheeks with undefined cheekbones may affect your overall facial appearance. Facial implants for the cheeks, chin, and jaw are made of specially formulated materials compatible with human tissue to augment the facial structures. Dr. Sean Maguire is dual trained in Head and Neck Surgery and Plastic Surgery, so his focus is on bringing harmony to your face appearance when placing facial implants.

Dr. Maguire has special training in facial plastic surgery and was awarded the George Udhe Award in head and neck surgery in medical school. He became Board Certified in Head and Neck Surgery before completing his training in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and was Board Certified in Plastic Surgery in 2004. He has contributed to crucial research on face transplantation and published many scientific articles, research papers, and book chapters. Dr. Maguire and the entire Physician’s Center for Beauty team provide excellent results in a luxurious, welcoming environment where patients feel comfortable and at ease.

Why Have Facial Implants?

Facial implants provide a more proportionate facial shape and correct asymmetrical features and deficiencies in the cheek, chin, and jaw. These solid silicone implants come in various shapes and sizes and are matched to your anatomy and cosmetic goals. Facial implants provide permanent results but can be removed if desired.

Chin implants increase the projection and size of the chin to balance with the forehead and mid-face. A small chin may disappear into the neck, but chin implants sculpt a more distinct side profile.

Jaw implants can increase the width of the lower face to address an imbalance between the ears and chin for a sharper angle.

Cheek implants add projection to the cheekbones and may increase the volume of flat, sunken cheeks. Malar cheek implants are positioned on the cheekbones, and submalar implants fill the cheeks to round out a gaunt appearance.

These facial implants enhance your facial definition and can reverse some signs of aging by restoring a youthful contour in the facial structures.

Are Facial Implants Right for Me?

Facial implants are best for people with disproportionate facial features. Your head and skull need to be fully matured, which typically happens in the late teen years, and you must be in good physical health and a non-smoker (including vaping). Facial implants can enhance your facial structures to provide a balanced appearance if you are bothered by a small chin, weak jaw, or poorly defined cheeks.

What Does the Procedure Entail?

Cheek implants in Louisville Facial implants require general anesthesia. Dr. Maguire will draw surgical markings on your face, indicating the implant placement and identifying structures to avoid during surgery. Incisions for cheek implants are typically created inside the mouth but may be inside the lower eyelid or within the hairline. Chin implants are placed using incisions inside the mouth, along the crease that connects the gums and lower lip, or just under the chin. Jaw implants require incisions in the back of the mouth where the gums and inner cheek meet.

Once these incisions are formed, Dr. Maguire creates a pocket in the facial tissue and inserts the implant using a sterilized clamp. He closes the incisions with absorbable sutures or stitches that are removed one or two weeks after the procedure.

What Is the Recovery Like?

You will have bandages to keep the surgical area clean and support the implant’s position. Dr. Maguire will give you detailed instructions for the recovery process, including medications for pain management and warning signs of complications such as infection. You may have swelling, numbness, discoloration, and discomfort in the surgical area, which may impair or restrict your facial movements at first.

Most patients return to work and their normal activities one week after facial implants. You should sleep in a reclined, face-up position and may need to stick to a soft-food diet for a few weeks.

You will immediately notice a stronger chin, more defined jawline, or higher cheek profile with improved results as the swelling goes away.

Learn More About Facial Implants

If you’re unhappy with the proportions of your face, schedule a consultation with Dr. Maguire to discuss facial implants. Contact Physician’s Center for Beauty in Louisville, Kentucky, at (502) 897-7546.

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