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The FACEtite Advantage

Written by Dr. Sean Maguire on March 4, 2020

FACEtite Benefits

As the body ages, the facial and neck skin sags and the jowls begin to droop. Other factors, such as genetics, sun exposure and smoking, contribute to these changes as well.

Many people feel dissatisfied with the way their older skin looks, but they don’t want to do anything drastic or go under the knife.

Fortunately, there is a safe and effective alternative solution.

FACEtite is a non-surgical face-tightening procedure that restores a more youthful-looking appearance to the face and neck without the pain or recovery that come with a facelift.

Below, Dr. Sean Maguire of the Physicians Center for Beauty goes over what FACEtite is, how it works and the results it delivers.

What Is FACEtite?

FACEtite is a safe and effective face and neck contouring procedure that is minimally invasive and delivers natural-looking results with minimal downtime.

The FACEtite procedure involves a small handheld applicator that passes both under the skin and over the skin, delivering targeted radiofrequency energy, which firms and tightens the skin from within the dermis. It also melts fat and stimulates collagen.

The procedure takes about an hour to complete, with minimal discomfort. A local anesthetic is used, but no incisions are made, only a few small needle sticks.

FACEtite is most commonly performed in the following areas:

  • Neck
  • Jowls
  • Cheeks
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Jawline

FACEtite Results

FACEtite effects are seen almost immediately after the procedure, and results continue to improve for three to eight weeks post-treatment as the body produces new collagen.

Most FACEtite patients experience a significant improvement in skin laxity after just one treatment, with tightening of the neck, improved jawline definition and a reduction of fat under the chin and in the jowl area.

After having the FACEtite procedure, patients will need to wear a face garment for several hours during the day or at night for about a week post-treatment.

Some patients experience minor swelling, bruising, or redness around the treatment area. But side effects are generally mild and subside after a few days. Most patients can resume their normal activities and get back to work within  three or four days.

Before & After FACEtite

Schedule a Consultation

If you’re looking to rejuvenate your face and neck without incisions, scarring or significant downtime, FACEtite may be right for you. To learn more about FACEtite and whether you’re a good candidate, please contact our Louisville office today to schedule a consultation.

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