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How to Get Natural-Looking Results from Facelift

Written by Dr. Sean Maguire on April 3, 2022

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When you hear the word facelift, do you immediately picture a face that has an artificially pulled appearance? You are not alone: this is a prevalent but outdated stereotype that reflects the surgical limitations of facelift in decades past. Whereas doctors used to focus on pulling loose skin taut for rejuvenation, today’s best plastic surgeons utilize advanced techniques that make it difficult to spot a surgical enhancement.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Maguire shares some of the techniques he offers that can help your face to look younger without looking any less natural.


The technique that Dr. Maguire and other well-trained facial surgeons use most often is the SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic sheath) lift. This approach prioritizes manipulating the fibrous tissue, fat, and muscles (aka the SMAS) beneath your skin rather than your skin itself. Because many of the worst signs of aging develop as your SMAS gets looser, tightening the SMAS has better rejuvenation effects than simply pulling your overlying skin. Although small incisions are necessary to access the SMAS, they are not nearly as significant as those for a traditional facelift. This makes it easier to conceal scarring.

Deep Plane

With the deep plane technique, Dr. Maguire adds to the SMAS technique by also manipulating your deeper layers of facial muscle. By pulling these muscles taut, he can further smooth out your face for more thorough results. The deep plane technique is a more invasive surgery than SMAS, but it is arguably the best facelift solution for cheeks that appear sunken due to volume loss.

Mini Facelift

Another way to keep your results natural is with a less invasive approach. Mini facelift is a modified version of facelift that is most appropriate if you have early signs of aging that are primarily limited to jowls. Here, Dr. Maguire can reverse emerging roundness on the lower face to restore definition to the jawline. Your recovery is shorter with this procedure, but it only looks natural if signs of aging have not already extended to your neck.

Choosing a Great Surgeon Is Also Beneficial

While the specific facelift technique is important in producing natural results, it is just as critical to have a skilled plastic surgeon. When you select a talented, knowledgeable plastic surgeon, you can trust that your results will make you look younger rather than unrecognizable.

That’s why so many patients in and around Louisville, KY, choose Dr. Maguire. He completed a residency in otolaryngology (head and neck surgery) and has won awards for his academic achievements in head and neck surgery. His deep understanding of facial anatomy and surgical techniques allows him to produce superior results. To meet with Dr. Maguire to discuss facelift, please call 502-897-7546 today.

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