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Feminization Rhinoplasty
Louisville, KY

Feminization rhinoplasty Louisville, KY

The Kentuckiana Center for Rhinoplasty, located in the Physician’s Center for Beauty, is dedicated to cosmetic surgery of the nose.  The surgeons are eminently trained, certified and experienced plastic and reconstructive surgeons, who have performed well over 4,500 cosmetic nose surgeries.

Louisville Feminization Rhinoplasty PatientFeminization rhinoplasty is designed to help male-to-female transgender individuals enjoy a more feminine and elegant-looking nose that complements the rest of the face. One of the most common procedures used in facial feminization, rhinoplasty can help transgender individuals achieve an outward appearance that reflects how they feel inside.

The procedure requires the experience and talent of a board-certified plastic surgeon that performs hundreds of rhinoplasty procedures every year, and who understands the nuances between male and female noses. Dr. Sean Maguire and Dr. Larry Florman offer feminization rhinoplasty to patients seeking exceptional results in a warm and friendly environment.

What Makes a Nose Feminine?

Usually, male noses are larger and more prominent than female noses. Also, there is normally a very sharp transition between the nose and the forehead, and a larger and more bulbous nasal tip.

Female noses are typically smaller, narrower and straighter than male noses, and often have a smaller and slightly curved tip. Female noses also tend to have smaller nostrils than males.

Planning Feminization Rhinoplasty

No two surgeries are alike. Every feminization rhinoplasty procedure is customized to fit the personality, lifestyle and aesthetic preferences of the unique patient. Some patients desire a noticeable transformation, whereas others want a more subtle result.

The first step toward feminization rhinoplasty is for the patient to meet with Dr. Maguire and Dr. Florman to discuss their personal goals and expectations. Many patients describe wanting a more refined nasal tip, or a narrower nose and/or nostrils.

Male to female rhinoplasty

Dr. Maguire and Dr. Florman perform a thorough evaluation of the patient’s nose, including the skin, bone and cartilage. They advise whether the patient’s goals and expectations are reasonable and if so, how they will go about meeting them.

The Feminization Rhinoplasty Procedure

The procedural steps depend on the specific patient’s unique needs. Dr. Maguire and Dr. Florman may remove bone and cartilage to reduce an oversized nose or narrow the bridge. They may narrow wide or flared nostrils, or lift or refine the nasal tip so it looks more delicate. Or, they may soften the transition between the forehead and nose, smoothing out any bumps or humps.

The doctors takes special care when making these modifications so that the nose “fits” with the rest of the face and looks balanced and harmonious with the other facial features.

Feminization rhinoplasty is performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. The length of the procedure depends on the specific surgical plan, but most surgeries take several hours.

Recovering from Feminization Rhinoplasty

After surgery, the nose and eye area are normally bruised and swollen. A splint is placed over the nose to help it maintain its new shape as it heals. Medication is prescribed to alleviate any post-operative discomfort.

Generally the post-operative side effects have subsided considerably after two weeks, when most patients resume work or school. Initial results can be seen as the swelling resolves. It can take up to a year for the swelling to completely resolve and the results to stabilize.

Book a Consult with Dr. Maguire and Dr. Florman

If you have questions about feminization rhinoplasty, or would like to discuss your unique goals with Dr. Maguire and Dr. Florman, please book a consultation. Call or email us today to make your appointment. There is no charge for this consultation.

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