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Why Men Seek Breast Reduction

Written by Dr. Sean Maguire on September 10, 2018

Male Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is one of the most common male plastic surgery procedures Dr. Sean Maguire performs at Physician’s Center for Beauty. It has the ability to change the lives of men that have spent years feeling ashamed or embarrassed by gynecomastia (i.e., oversized breasts) and struggling to hide their body under baggy clothing. Read on as Dr. Maguire delves deeper into the reasons why men seek breast reduction.

To Achieve a More Masculine Looking Chest

A significant number of men develop gynecomastia, either because of genetic factors, fluctuations in hormones, use of prescription drugs or other factors. Men with excessively large, woman-like breasts can spend their entire lives feeling ashamed of their body. Male breast reduction allows these men to achieve a flatter and firmer chest for a more classically masculine looking physique.

To Enjoy Life’s Simple Pleasures

Often men with oversized breasts deny themselves of life’s simple pleasures, such as going shirtless at the beach or pool, or wearing a well-fitting suit. Treating gynecomastia and creating a more “manly”-looking chest helps these men enjoy the confidence they need to go shirtless or wear a tight-fitting shirt or a slim cut jacket.

To Pursue Professional or Social Opportunities

Speaking of confidence, the results of breast reduction can give a man a boost in confidence that enables him to pursue professional or social opportunities. Someone that was once self-conscious or ashamed may experience a surge in confidence that opens up doors to a new job, social group or recreational sports team.

To Enter the Dating Scene

It may not be surprising that some men with oversized breasts avoid dating or intimacy because of low self-image and confidence. The results of male breast reduction can play a part in helping a man enter the dating scene and open himself up to love.

Tired of Trying to Cover Up a Large Chest?

If you are tired of trying to cover up a large chest and feel like your body is holding you back from pursuing your goals, Dr. Maguire can help. Please book an informational consultation with Dr. Maguire to consider your options. Call (502) 897-7546 or email our office today.

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