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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Implants for Your Body and Goals

Written by Dr. Sean Maguire on April 30, 2015

Breast augmentation patients have several important decisions to make throughout the entire surgical process. The first decision is selecting the right surgeon to perform the operation.

If you live in Louisville, that decision is clear. Dr. Sean Maguire is the plastic surgeon of choice for women that want beautiful looking breasts. He has the experience, surgical skill and bedside manner to make the experience successful and positive.

Dr. Maguire is also a great resource for making other important decisions about breast augmentation, such as choosing the right implant size. Since this is a topic that comes up frequently, he thought it would be helpful to curate his thoughts on the matter into a single guide.

Tip #1: Consider Your Public Persona

You may not realize it, but your persona influences the type of breast augmentation results you seek. Take a second and think about your personal tendencies. Do you want your augmented breasts to attract the attention of others? Or, would you prefer to fly under the radar with proportional and natural looking results?

Tip #2: Think about Your Lifestyle

Are you a competitive runner, Crossfit-er or Jazzercise enthusiast? If you regularly participate in athletic endeavors, take into consideration whether large implants could interfere with your activities. Dr. Maguire can provide more information based on your fitness level and activities.

Tip #3: Try Them On for Size

Implants are measured in cubic centimeters of filling material. The higher the number, the bigger the implant. The smallest implants measure about 125 cc; every additional 150 to 200 cc’s reflects another cup size.

Visualization is key. Dr. Maguire offers a full set of breast implant sizers that you can try on to visualize what your results will look like with different sizes. To get a comprehensive preview of your projected results, bring in a few wardrobe selections, including tops, a dress and a bathing suit.

Tip #4: Look In the Mirror

It’s not just about your bust, it’s about your body type. Factors like your height, weight, shoulder and hip width will factor into your choice of implants. If you are tall with broad shoulders, you will need a bigger implant than someone that is shorter with narrower shoulders.

Tip #5: Ask a Pal

Your friends may know you better than you think! Invite a close friend, sister or spouse to join you for your breast implants consultation. As you try on the implant sizers, ask their opinion of the different sizes. Nevertheless, remember, ultimately the decision is yours alone.

A Final Word…

Breast implants are designed to last for many years. You must weigh what you think looks good on your body now with what you think will look good in five or 10 years. Settle on a pair that you think you can be happy with now and later. (And remember, eventually gravity will cause breast sagging, at which point you might want to explore your breast lift options).

Schedule a Breast Augmentation Consultation

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