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Brow Lift or Eyelid Surgery – Which One Do You Need?

Written by Dr. Sean Maguire on January 25, 2016

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Brow lift and eyelid surgery are both excellent facial rejuvenation procedures with distinct differences. The procedure that is right for you depends on your facial anatomy, your specific concerns and your aesthetic goals. Dr. Sean Maguire of the Physician’s Center for Beauty can help you determine the best choice during a personal consultation at his plastic surgery practice. Before you schedule your appointment, spend some time familiarizing yourself with the two procedures.

What Brow Lift Accomplishes

Brow lift elevates brows that sit low on the forehead and hood the upper eyelids. Ideally, the brows should be at the level of, or slightly above, the bone rim on top of the eye socket (women typically have a subtle arch). By repositioning the eyebrows, the facial expression looks more youthful and alert. Brow lift also reduces wrinkles that appear horizontally along the forehead and on the bridge of the nose (between the eyes).

Brow lift might be right for you if you are bothered by:

  • Noticeable wrinkles and lines on your forehead
  • Frown lines between your eyebrows that make you look angry or serious
  • Brows that sit below your brow bone and make you look tired

There is a simple test you can perform to help you determine whether brow lift may be beneficial. Look in a mirror and relax your face. Place your index and middle fingers halfway between your brows and hairline (one on each side). One finger should be aligned with the center of your brow and the other at the outer corner. Gently lift the forehead skin toward your scalp — this movement roughly simulates the effect of a brow lift. Turn your head to the side and repeat the movement to see the effect on the side of your brow. If you like your expression with this tweak, brow lift might be your solution.

What Eyelid Surgery Accomplishes

Eyelid surgery (or eyelid lift) reduces or eliminates loose, stretched-out skin on the eyelids that can actually hang over the edge of the eye, obstructing the line of sight. It can also treat lower eyelids that droop and reveal white below the iris, and bags under the eyes. And, the procedure can smooth fine lines and creases in the delicate skin surrounding the lower eyelids. By correcting these problems, eyelid surgery restores a rested, pleasant appearance to the eyes.

Eyelid surgery might be right for you if you are bothered by:

  • Heaviness in your upper lids
  • Skin sitting on your eyelashes
  • Puffy bags under your eyes
  • Fine wrinkles or lines on the lower eyelid

Schedule a One-on-One Consultation with Dr. Maguire

Some patients need both brow lift and eyelid surgery to achieve the desired rejuvenation results. To determine the treatment plan most suitable for your needs, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Maguire at the Physician’s Center for Beauty. Make your appointment by calling (502) 897-7546 today.

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