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Recent Study: Plastic Surgery as Safe for Older Patients as Younger Ones

Written by Dr. Sean Maguire on January 29, 2015

Given that individuals are generally living healthier, longer lives, it is no surprise that many older adults are opting to undergo cosmetic surgery to help them look as young as they feel. With the increase in popularity of plastic surgery among older adults, many people might wonder whether it is as safe for seniors to undergo cosmetic surgery as it is for younger patients. Here, Dr. Sean Maguire explores the answer.

What Research Shows

During the most recent annual meeting held by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the findings of a recent study that explored the safety of plastic surgery for older individuals were presented. The data from the study demonstrated that adults over the age of 65 years old who undergo cosmetic surgery have similar complication rates as their younger counterparts, illustrating that it is as safe for seniors to have plastic surgery as it is for younger patients.

The data reflect a 1.94-percent postsurgical complication rate among elderly plastic surgery patients compared to a 1.84-percent postoperative complication rate among younger patients. Statistically, this is a negligible difference that points to a similar level of safety among both older and younger plastic surgery patients.

Furthermore, this similar incidence of complications occurred despite the fact that elderly patients have a higher-than-average rate of health-related indicators, including a higher incidence of diabetes and a higher body mass index, on average. However, not all indicators were negative: Older patients smoke less on average than younger patients.

A Procedure for Everyone

At Physician’s Center for Beauty, Dr. Maguire offers a wide variety of plastic surgery procedures to meet the various needs of every age group. Whether you are an older patient who is considering facial rejuvenation surgery or a younger patient that is considering a breast augmentation or tummy tuck, Dr. Maguire can help.

To schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Maguire to determine your candidacy for your plastic surgery procedure of choice, contact Physician’s Center for Beauty by calling (502) 897-7546 now.

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