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A Guide to Abdominal Plastic Surgery

Written by Dr. Sean Maguire on April 9, 2019

Abdominal Plastic Surgery

The most attractive abdomens are flat, smooth and toned. If your stomach isn’t as flat or firm as you would like because of genetics, pregnancy, weight fluctuation or aging, Dr. Sean Maguire of Physician’s Center for Beauty can help.

Take a moment to learn more about your treatment options in this brief primer on plastic surgery for the abdomen.


If you are bothered by unwanted fat on the front or sides of your abdomen, but your skin quality is good and your abdominal muscles are toned, liposuction could be a great solution for your needs. The body sculpting treatment can remove bulges of fat from the front of your stomach and narrow the sides of your waist to create a flatter and more toned-looking torso.

What Happens during Surgery?

During liposuction, Dr. Maguire inserts a slender, hollow tube called a cannula through small incisions. Moving the cannula back and forth, Dr. Maguire breaks up the unwanted fat. Then, he uses gentle suction to remove the fat from the body, sculpting a more attractive abdomen.

Tummy Tuck

Your body sculpting needs might be more comprehensive in nature, perhaps due to pregnancy or significant weight fluctuations. If you are concerned about excess loose abdominal skin, separated or damaged abdominal muscles and excess fat, tummy tuck might be a better fit for your needs and goals. Tummy tuck addresses skin, fat and muscle problems to give the stomach a flatter and firmer contour.

What Happens During Surgery?

During a traditional tummy tuck procedure, Dr. Maguire creates an incision on the lower abdomen, right above the pubic hairline. Through the incision, he repairs and tightens the muscles of the abdominal wall. Then, he removes excess pockets of fat and excess skin. Finally, Dr. Maguire re-drapes the remaining skin more smoothly over the abdomen.

Tummy tuck can be modified to your needs. If your upper abdomen is toned but your lower abdomen has excess skin and fat, a mini tummy tuck may be a good option, as it is limited to the area beneath the navel. Or, if you would like to treat excess skin around the sides of your waist (i.e., love handles), an extended tummy tuck might be recommended.

Which Treatment Option Is Right for You?

Only a one-on-one consultation with a plastic surgeon can determine the surgical procedure that is most likely to give you the results you want. After meeting with Dr. Maguire and undergoing a full examination, you will have a better idea of your options and how to achieve your particular goals.

If you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Maguire to discuss your needs and surgical options, please call or email Physician’s Center for Beauty today.

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