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Areas Where Laser Hair Removal Works Best

Written by Dr. Sean Maguire on January 6, 2022

Laser Hair Removal Louisville KY

For many years, Kentucky patients have visited the Physician’s Center for Beauty to undergo laser hair removal. This gentle laser treatment uses heat to destroy the follicles that produce hairs. Most patients are so thankful they no longer need to shave that they wish they had sought laser hair removal sooner. In this blog, our dedicated team of aestheticians explain which parts of the body are best treated by this laser treatment.

The Leg Beneath the Knee

Laser treatments are adept at tackling darker, coarser hair — hair that is plentiful on the lower half of the leg. Patients who treat the hair below their knees can stop shaving their legs every time they wear shorts.

While the hair above the knee can also be treated with a laser, the results are not as transformative. Thigh hair tends to be fairer and may not respond as well to the laser. Since even summer clothes (aside from a bathing suit) cover the thighs, it may be a smarter investment to get rid of the hair on the lower half of the legs and use a razor above the knee as necessary.


When hair sprouts naturally on a woman’s face, she will usually attempt to pluck or bleach it. A longer-lasting solution is laser hair removal. The treatment has amazing success with unwanted hair on the upper lip as well as the chin. Since no woman wants to get into the habit of shaving these hairs as often as a man does, laser hair removal is a smart solution.


The underarms (or armpits) are another region on the body where women grow hair that they feel societal pressure to remove. Patients who would prefer to not shave their underarms on a regular basis are pleased with the results provided by laser hair removal. This is especially true in the summer when they do not have to think twice about wearing a tank top.

Bikini Line

Laser hair removal does a great job of eliminating follicles around the genitals. Patients should be aware, however, that it is a little more uncomfortable to have the treatment in this area due to skin sensitivity. Overall, most patients prefer laser hair treatment to the repeated pain they experience from a bikini wax.

Curious about Another Area?

This list covers some of the more popular areas where patients choose to have laser hair removal, but it is not exhaustive. The aestheticians at Physician’s Center for Beauty have achieved terrific results with laser hair removal all over the body.

Rather than trying to guess whether laser hair removal is good for your unwanted hair, ask our experts directly. During a consultation, they can assess your candidacy and provide a realistic picture of what you can expect to accomplish with laser hair removal. Call (502) 897-7546 to make an appointment.

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